How Do We Grow Our Way Out of This?

Original Air Date: March 24, 2021

In the fast-paced, insightful session, the participants will review the big picture of what the new normal is for the air freight industry and then listen to an in-depth discussion of how companies are coping, adapting, and thriving in this ever-changing environment.

Brian Clancy, Partner, Logistics Capital & Strategy, LLC, is an expert on forecasting what companies can expect in the future and the growth and margin implications for industry participants. In this information-packed presentation, Brian will address:

    North America’s economic outlook and freight economy: 2020-2025
    Future North America air package and freight market vertical demand
    The re-balancing of air cargo industry belly and freight supply curve
    Growth and margin implications for industry participants
    Long term infrastructure investment requirements for airports

Tom Schmitt, Chairman, President & CEO, from Forward Air Corporation, has extensive knowledge of the air freight industry. His wide-ranging expertise gives him a unique perspective to answer questions on how a company can continue to grow in a volatile and changing market.